What services we’re offering

MOT Testing

We offer MOT testing for Class 4 and Class 7 vehicles. AS we have 2 automated test lanes with number of MOT testers on duty, in most of the time you could expect a fast service. However, if you could make an appointment for MOT testing and come your waiting time could be minimised. For an appointment pl. click MOT booking icon icon top of the page.

Mechanical Repairs

We offer all types of mechanical repairs from fixing of MOT failed items to complicated repairs such as Cam belt replacements, CLUTCH & gear box replacements, Brakes discs & pads, shock absorbers (Telescopes) etc.

Diagnostic service

We offer all types of diagnostic services using OBD diagnose machines and beyond that if needed manual investigations by experienced technicians.

Crash repairs and body works

We offer crash repairs and body repair works at very competitive prices, to put back your car into its original condition. We handle all types of insurance repair works. In case no-fault accident repairs we offer courtesy cars as much as possible similar to your car make and models also within first 3 year cars. In addition to that, in case no-fault accidents we could handle your entire claim, no hassle to you, while you are back on the road with the courtesy car. In case you have reasonable grounds to claim for injury as a result of the accident we could handle entire claim.

Tyre Services

We have a large stock of tyres for your requirements. We offer complete tyre service including tyre changing, balancing, wheel alignment using latest computerized technology, tyre pressure sensor valve replacements etc.

Service and regular maintenance of vehicles

It is very important to service and regular maintenance of vehicles according to manufacturers recommendations. This might minimise risk of unexpected problems escalating to more c0mplex and expensive repairs. When servicing, we always use only the oil types recommended by vehicle manufacturers, mainly depending on vehicle model, milage and year of manufacture.